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Denim Jeans Manufacturers

Do You Manufacture Only Jeans?

Famed as Denim Jeans Manufacturers, we are equipped to produce all kinds of denim outs besides the Jeans which we majorly do. Since jeans is the most required items, we manufacture Jeans at large. But we're actually equipped to manufacture all type of garments using Denim and Twill fabric. Hence the best to know us as manufacturer of all kinds of Denim outfits.

Is There Any Minimums?

Yes! We accept 100 pcs per style (mix sizes). Quantity below 100 pcs can also be manufactured / accepted. But in that case, sampling charges will be applicable.

What Is Your Price?

There are two prices - sampling and production. Our sampling charges are fixed which is USD 100 per style per size. Our production prices varies based on design, specification and total quantity. For more assistance on this, you should contact us.

I Do Not Have My Designs Ready. 
I Have My Designs but Only Rough Sketches.
I Do Not Have Technical Drawings
I Do Not Have My Techpack Ready.

We can start with a rough drawing or a reference image as well. If you have your techpack ready, its wonderful! If not, do not worry. Just google the image which you want us to manufacture and send it to us. If you want any change or add something which can describe your design concept, it is awesome! If not, just send the image or rough drawing and in mail write down the changes which you want us to do. That's it! 

The other way is: you send one physical sample and we will match the quality, effect and detailing incorporating your concept. 

What Is Your Lead Time / Turnaround Time?

For sampling we take 10 days approx and in case of production we would be required 40-50 days. Timeline also depends of style detailing and total quantity. Hence the best if you discuss it at the time of order confirmation or once you have shared your styles. 

Are You A 100% Export Unit?

Yes. We do not take domestic orders. It essentially means that the party whom we do business has to be other than Indian National and the transaction should be preferably in following currencies USD, GBP, Euro, AUD.

Which Are Your Major Export Countries? 

We export to our clients majorly to United States of America, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Australia

What All Outfits / Styles In Denim You Manufacture?

We make all size, all style, all color and all look denim outfits and denim jeans. All we need a clear design details. Rest our expert team will study and do manufacture as per the given brief.

Gender and Category

  • Mens Wear Denim 
  • Women Wear Denim
  • Kids Wear Denim
  • Work Wear Denim
  • Denim accessories 

Fit Wise 

  • Loose Fit
  • Skinny Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Straight Fit
  • Tapered Fit

Washing Effects

  • Dark Wash
  • Destroyed Wash
  • Light Wash
  • Mid Wash
  • Patch Destroy
  • Repair and Rip Effects
  • Vintage Wash

Do You Have X Type Of Denim Fabric?

We do not keep any fabric in stock as such. We source and purchase the fabric against the design  / requirement we receive from our client. We have good number of suppliers for all kinds of Denim fabric at amazing prices!

Can You Do X Type of Washing Effect On Denim Jeans?

We're equipped to bring all kinds of washing effects on Denim Jeans. The best way that you share the image of that washing effect and trust we will offer you the best match! In case you have one physical sample available, we would be the happiest person in that moment! Just send that sample and rest we promise to offer you the best follow ever!!

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