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We are full service denim jeans manufacturers in india and equipped to manufacture best-in-class denim outfits. Starting from sourcing of materials of your choice to delivery of goods at your door step, the range of our expert services aims to be one-stop-shop for all your denim apparel manufacturing requirements at the most hassle-free manner. Today, we are proud to be the leading ladies jeans manufacturer with full service manufacturing facility..

Sourcing of Denim Fabric and Materials

Sourcing of Materials and Trims

We have great access of all kinds of Denim Fabric (woven or knitted) with weight from 7 to 14.75 Oz., in various elective colors like Regular Indigo Blue, Dark Indigo Blue, Sulpher Bottom Indigo Top (SBIT), Indigo Bottom Sulpher Top (IBST), AZO free Sulphers, Pigments & Tints, in Open Ends, Rings, Cross Hatches, Multicounts, Flame , Flat Finish, Coated, Mercerized & Over dyed Denims. Available in various types of structures : Broken Twills, Herringbone's; Stretch Denim in low as well as high stretchability / Lycra.
Denim Jeans Design and Consultancy Services

Design and Production Consultancy

In most of the cases, we follow the design and specification we receive from the clients. But having sound experience in manufacturing of all kinds of Denim outfits, we also help our clients by giving valuable input and guidance in terms of design, trend, production friendliness and cost effectiveness. Specially in the case of start up business or one who is looking for small batch of production, our consultancy brings big difference and eventually it helps our clients in successful launch of their denim line of clothing.

Pattern Making and Grading at Noida Jeans Factory

Pattern Making and Grading

After understanding the clients requirement, we proceed for pattern making and grading. We have skilled pattern masters which ensures best fitment and 100% match of given design. This service is not a separate service which can be provided alone. But this is coming under our full service garment manufacturing process and the pattern making and grading is an essential stage though which each order has to go. At this level if we find anything not feasible or possible in technical sense, we inform the client and advise for required improvisation. 

Denim Cutting at Denim Jeans Factory

Cutting and Sewing

Equipped with modern cutting and sewing machines, we do manufacture all width and all weight from 7 to 14.75 Oz denim jeans and other denim dresses. 

Small Run Production of Denim Jeans

Sampling and Final Production

Having dedicated team for both sampling and production separately, we achieve desired level of outcome quickly. 

Denim jeans manufacturing factory

Quality Control and Inspection

When it comes to quality, we ensure precision control and multi-level inspection resulting in zero defect of delivery. 
Private Label and Tag on Denim Outfits

Private Label and Tag Development

Being a full-service Denim Jeans Manufacturer, we do all kinds of private labelling and tagging for our clients. It essentially includes custom metal labels / revets if required quantity is ordered. 

Denim Merchandise and Visuals

Finishing and Packing

High quality finishing and packing is an integral part at Noida Jeans Factory. We are equipped with in-house finishing team ensuring zero tolerance for finishing. Unless required each outfit is sealed in transparent poly packs 

Logistics and Shipping of Denim Jeans

Shipping and Logistics

Besides ensuring beautiful manufacturing experience for your denim jeans and other denim outfits, we also offer door-step courier and cargo services incorporating freight, clearance, documentations.

Specialized Services for Denim Division 

Our expertize in manufacturing denim jeans and other denim outfits goes beyond regular services. We are the proud to offer denim outfits manufacturing with a wide variety of wet as well as dry treatments to get the desired effects. When we talk about Vintage denim, every outfit (jeans for that matter) should look unique & not a photocopy. These garments are sold at very high prices so customer should have a feeling of uniqueness & feeling different from others. Vintage denim are signature of a brand & its image. Some of them are here under: 
Damaging and Destruction Effects on Denim Jeans

Damaging and Destruction Effects

This is the most popular effects currently which make denim outfit look unique & used. To make destruction pen type of stone tools being used in mid of wash process to apply on desired area. It can also be achieved by cutting it through knife the warp yarns & keep the weft yarn as is to show white thread. Holes also can be made by cutting weft & warp yarns. These are all manual processes where every piece of denim outfit looks little different than others.
Patch Work on Denim Jeans

Patch / Repairs / Bleach Spots

During this process, we First cut or damage the outfit intestinally to the desired area & then make hand repairs or machine repair to look natural. Diluted bleach is also used to spot the desired area followed by neutralization in wet process. These processes are time consuming hence productivity is low & reproducibility is very difficult but similar aesthetics can be achieved.

Acid Wash Slim Fit Denim Jeans

Acid Washing

Marble / Moon Wash / Snow Wash - This finish gives indigo jeans sharp contrasts. The process is achieved by soaking pumice stones in chlorine and letting these stones create contrasts.

Atari effect on denim outfits

Atari Effects on Belt Loops

This is done while we want selective fading of the ridges of creases. The most common areas for "Atari" are along side seams, on the front and back of the knees, the upper thigh, along the hem, on belt loops and along pocket seams. 

Enzyme Wash on Denim Jeans

Enzyme Wash

Considered a more efficient and environmentally sound way to stone wash jeans. Rather than using pumice stones, organic enzymes are used that eat away at the indigo. Jeans finished using enzymes tend to be stronger than those broken down by traditional stone washing.

River Washing Effect on Denim Short

River Washing

Using a combination of pumice stones and cellulose enzymes to give a vintage, worn look. The washing pot is loaded only with stones and fabric for the first cycle. Enzymes are introduced for the second stage in combination with the stones and it is tumbled until a naturally aged look is produced.

Denim Jacket with Effect of Sandblasting

Sandblasting Effect

This is a laundry process performed before washing in which jeans are shot with guns of sand in order to abrade them and cause a worn appearance. 

Stone Washing Effects on Denim Jeans

Stonewashing Effect

In this process physically removes color and add contrasts. The fabric and pumice stones are rotated together for a set period of time. The washing time dictates the final color of the fabric. 

Whiskering Effect on Denim Pant

Whiskering Effect

The fading of the ridges increases in the crotch area and back of the knees which gives the appearance of aged denim. It can also be inverse by dark creased in faded denim. 

Repair Effect on Denim Jeans

Repairs Effect on Denim Jeans

Bleach Spot and Stains on Denim Jackets

Bleach Spot and Stains on Denim

Studs Work on Denim Outfits

Studded Denim Outfits

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